ETR Token: The Most Promising Cryptocurrency to Stake in 2021

2021 has seen the biggest interest and support for different cryptocurrencies from people of all walks of life. They are starting to become the preferred means of buying and selling goods and services online. With this development, more and more businesses are hopping on the cryptocurrency hype train. And the biggest among them is the gambling industry.

However, the gambling industry still has a few key problems it has to deal with. From regulations on setting up online casinos, software-related expenses, complicated multi-factorial operations, to transparency issues, the industry hasn’t found its place yet in the market.

That’s where EthRoll Casino comes in. It is a hybrid combination of entrepreneurship and gaming. It offers a solution to help people and companies make their online casinos through the EthRoll platform. It assures that building the casino on their platform will be affordable, uncomplicated, and transparent.

EthRoll provides the people and companies who will use the platform with two revenue models. The first one is through becoming a shareholder by being a casino owner, and the second is by staking ETR tokens. With its crowdfunding stage coming soon, it’s high time that you buy the cryptocurrency as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of Investing in ETR tokens?

The ETR token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform to ensure that everything that happens to the token is transparent and fair for its owners and users. Staking this cryptocurrency is an environmentally friendlier way of potentially earning income through digital assets without exerting effort.

Like most cryptocurrency staking, the ETR is also a perfect token to stake where you can get amazing profits. With its goal of growing exponentially, the profits you’ll earn from this token is guaranteed. Although, if you plan to stake the cryptocurrency, make sure to buy a lot of the token while it’s still very affordable and increase your over-time profits exponentially.

Aside from the amazing deals, you’ll get if you buy ETR soon, you can also increase your chances of earning referral rewards. After joining, you will be given a unique referral link, and each person who joins the crowdfund through your link will give you 25% of their contribution as a reward. You can also become an ETR ambassador if you join now and earn even bigger profits from these referrals.

Another reward EthRoll offers is its amazing bonuses. If you buy their token on the first week of the crowdfunding stage, you will get a 200% bonus on any purchase amount. For the second week, you’ll get a 100% bonus. 50% on the third and 25% on the fourth.

What assurances does EthRoll have to persuade you to invest in them and their crypto?

First, cryptocurrency is an industry worth 237.1 billion dollars, while gambling is worth 59 billion dollars. With most conservative estimates saying that they will double within the next few years, jumping on this industry is more promising than ever.

Second, for potential casino owners on this platform, you will be glad to learn that at least 46% of adults aged 16 years old and older are thought to have gambled in the last four weeks. Moreover, 2016 saw at least 296 billion dollars in losses for gamblers from the top ten gambling countries. For each dollar the gamblers lost is a dollar that the house earned. “The house always wins”, after all.

Third, EthRoll’s road map has been closely followed by the team behind it. This is the main testament to their commitment to their goals and absolute belief in the product they are offering. And through this team, you can expect their hyper-growth phase very soon.

How does staking ETR stack against the top cryptocurrencies today?

The ETR token isn’t anywhere close to the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization yet and that’s why it’s interesting. But, the predicted profits you can get from both making a casino through their platform and staking the token can compete with larger cryptocurrencies in the market. Specifically, staking this token will earn you significantly more than what larger tokens can ever dream of.

To put this into context, compared to the top three tokens right now, staking Bitcoin (BTC) will earn you 0.2343% more after a month of doing the activity. A month of staking Ethereum (ETH) will give you significantly better yields at 0.66%. Meanwhile, staking Binance Coin will yield 0.424% in profits.

Technically speaking, these are amazing margins, but with the ETR token, you will earn 21.38% after staking it for a month. This means that if you invest a large enough amount on this coin, you can easily compete with even the biggest earners who hold one of the previously mentioned tokens.


The EthRoll seeks to solve the gambling industry’s numerous problems by using cryptocurrencies and its platform, and its solution is very promising. And with its crowdfunding phase on March 30, you can get several bonuses once you buy its token.

The ETR token may still be a fledgling compared to bigger and more established cryptocurrencies, but the benefits of buying it early and the endless possibilities it holds are reason enough to invest in this cryptocurrency.








[ (Earnings after 30 days) / (Current Price * 1000 ) ] * 100 = Profit %

Data Source: UTC-4 12:13 AM, March 16, 2021.

Bitcoin (BTC): $52,457.00 each

For 1000 BTC, earnings after 30 days: $127,591. Therefore, 0.2343% in profits from staking.

Ethereum (ETH): $1,748.95 each

For 1000 ETH, earnings after 30 days: $11,605. Therefore 0.66% in profits from staking.

Binance Coin (BNB): $1.00 each

For 1000 BNB, earnings after 30 days: $4.24. Therefore, 0.424% in profits from staking.

Data Source: and

If 1 ETH = 200,000 ETR, then 1 ETR= 0.00874475

EthorToken (ETR): $ 0.00874475 (assumed)

For 1000 ETR, earnings after 30 days: $1.87. Therefore, 21.38% (assumed) profits from staking.




EthRoll Casino is a hybrid crypto casino platform. Register as a player and win big or become a casino owner by building your own casino.

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EthRoll Casino is a hybrid crypto casino platform. Register as a player and win big or become a casino owner by building your own casino.

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