How to Set Up an Online Casino — Old Way vs. EthRoll

When you set up an online casino, you can get a profitable business that has become more desirable in the past year. It’s the best time as any to explore the industry regardless of your experience in setting up and managing a business before.

Gaming is a continuously growing industry, a very profitable one. The gambling market, in particular, is worth billions and is expected to double in the coming years. However, the current Covid-19 pandemic forces traditional or brick-and-mortar casinos to close their doors to combat the virus spread. Hence, players and gamblers are moving online, making the online gambling industry more lucrative than ever before.

What You Need to Setup an Online Casino Business

Imagine running an online casino project and imagine taking advantage of the fruits of your labor. Although online casinos are lucrative and highly profitable, this business venture isn’t always a walk in the park for an entrepreneur.

Launching an online gambling site is not an overnight project. Starting a business in the industry is a big deal if you want to have a successful online casino. The process is sophisticated, and you’ll need to set up and have these:

  • Software provider

You need to have casino games to offer your customers if you want to start an online casino. For that, you need to choose a gaming software provider and select available games that you want in your online casino lobby. You can choose different providers that offer various games from slots, table games, lottery, and more.

  • Online gambling license

Online gambling is subject to regulations and licensing before you can operate. It’s one of the first things you need to secure when setting up an online casino. Having a license is vital to make your business authentic and safe in the eyes of your customers.

  • Website

You also need to have a seamless working casino site where you house your games and offer unique features to entice players and gamblers worldwide. You can set up the site based on how you want to make your online casino look with different themes and design schemes.

  • Secure, verified payment methods

Lastly, you need to set up a secure way to accept payments from your clients. That could either be a bank option or a payment gateway service. Either way, the payment process should be safe, secure, and private on both ends. After all, online gambling is a high-risk business.

Also, it is essential to offer payment methods that are convenient to your clients. For instance, it’s less hassle for a casino player if your website accepts payment from debit and credit cards from major banks and other popular e-wallets or even cryptocurrency.

Setting up and managing an online casino is hard work and requires your time and dedication. If you want to come on board and set up an online casino business today, there are two methods you can do, the old-school way and through a more convenient new platform.

Problems of Starting an Online Casino the Old School Way

It’s not simple for a novice businessperson to set up an online casino due to its sophisticated process, especially if you do it the old-fashioned way. Obtaining the essentials for a legit online casino mentioned above will take a lot of your time, effort, and capital.

  • Inconvenient and Too Much Hassle

Starting an online casino the old way is incredibly time-consuming. Obtaining a license should be at the forefront of your priorities. It will make your online gambling business legal, legit, and it’s a perfect way to attract more players. You can get a license from the country you live in or any jurisdiction where online casino gaming is legal.

The only downside is it involves too much paperwork. Even if you have all the necessary paperwork done, the waiting process will test your patience. And while you can save some money depending on where you get your online gambling license, it’s still not necessarily a cheap expense.

  • Expensive Capital Needed

Setting up an online casino the old-fashioned way doesn’t only take a lot of time but also takes a lot of your dime. The biggest expense that you need to do is get software for your online casino. The lease is around several tens of thousands of dollars per month, plus you also pay them a cut of your monthly earnings.

  • Complicated Process and Functions

If you set up an online casino for the first time, the process can be extremely complicated. Developing a well-optimized, user-friendly, safe, and secure platform for both you and your customers consists of multiple factors. It is no easy task for one person, and you might have to employ professionals to make your website attractive to players, which is another expense.

  • Limited Casino Game Portfolio

Another downside when you set up an online casino the old way is you can usually only get your hand on a limited portfolio of games. A single software provider can only offer a limited number of titles, and diversity is important to make your website stand out. Players will flock to online casinos that offer a wide range of various gaming content, like slots, casino table games, and even live dealer games.

Setting Up an Online Casino with EthRoll Casino

Imagine developing a profitable online casino business in a more affordable and less trial-and-error way. Now, that is a more convenient way to set up an online casino, even if it’s your first time, with EthRoll Casino.

It is not just another name in the online gambling industry. EthRoll is a new and hybrid platform that offers a simple and more affordable option if you want to make a lucrative business venture out of the booming gaming industry.

EthRoll Casino takes out the hassle and complicated process of starting an online casino today. You won’t have to build the site from scratch or pay a fortune to build your gaming business with EthRoll. It aims to provide solutions to common problems that entrepreneurs face when entering the online gambling industry. Here is everything you can take advantage of when you set up an online casino through EthRoll.

  • Automatic gaming license covered.

Setting up an online casino takes a lot of paperwork, especially when getting a license. Building your casino with the platform takes advantage of automatically getting covered by EthRoll’s gaming license. You can forget the hassle and time-consuming process of additional paperwork, wait for your casino license, and cut the red tape involved.

  • Affordable business setup

One of the downsides of setting up a casino the old way is the expense. Fortunately, the EthRoll Casino platform offers an inexpensive to start a lucrative venture in the gambling industry. The low capital entry also doesn’t compromise the software quality you’re getting for your website.

  • Uncomplicated and beginner-friendly platform

Another advantage of starting an online casino through EthRoll’s platform is you can start right off the bat. You don’t have to have coding expertise to start and develop your website. You don’t even have to hire someone or a team of experts to build your casino site for you.

The platform offers a simple and seamless way of developing your site from its easy and uncomplicated drag and drop system and functions. All essentials that you need to make your casino look the way you want it to are right at your fingertips.

EthRoll even has pre-made templates that you can use as-is or customize as you wish. It’s now simple and quick to set up an online casino website. You can have a fully functioning casino ready within minutes.

Enroll Casino Platform Overview

Whether you are a casino player, aspiring casino business owner, or both, the EthRoll Casino platform offers the best of both worlds.

The platform offers an impressive collection of casino games from slots to traditional casino table games like the famous blackjack and roulette. If you want to participate or include massive jackpots in your site, EthRoll’s platform also has that in offer. However, the fun doesn’t end there because aside from casino games, it also features a wide range of events and markets with the best odds for sports betting.

Lastly, EthRoll Casino combines the two massive industries, gaming and cryptocurrency, worth billions of dollars each. It has a native ERC20 token, ETR, built using the Ethereum Blockchain platform, which provides transparency and a secure payment environment for all users. It’s another incredible feature that you can take advantage of when you set up an online casino through the EthRoll Casino platform.

Build an Online Casino Like Never Before

The EthRoll Casino platform may be the right solution for you if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur
  • Want to explore the booming iGaming industry.
  • Don’t want to experience the hassle of applying, paying, and waiting for your casino gaming license.
  • Don’t have much capital to spend in developing an online casino.
  • Don’t want to hire an expert to manage and maintain your casino website and operation.

Starting a highly profitable casino business doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, inconvenient, and complicated. Thanks to EthRoll’s hybrid platform, you can set up an online casino within minutes and with less expense than launching a casino the old way.

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EthRoll Casino is a hybrid crypto casino platform. Register as a player and win big or become a casino owner by building your own casino.

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EthRoll Casino is a hybrid crypto casino platform. Register as a player and win big or become a casino owner by building your own casino.

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