Memories to Remember: The Rich Timeline of Gambling

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Gambling is a game of chance where you put your money and other valuable objects with the hope of doubling their amount or value. It includes lottery, bingo, sports betting, video games betting, cards, and dice. For some, it is a social activity where you can bond with family and friends, but others take it as their main source of income and career.

More than the pot money linked to gambling, it has a rich history that you should also appreciate. It is an activity that does not fleet away in each generation. The ancients may not refer to them using the modern words we do now, but the gameplay and strategy remain similar or connected.

This article shall delve deeper into where gambling began and how it evolved to what we now know today.

Chinese Evidence

While historians are uncertain about where and how gambling began, what remains consistent is that it is part of humanity’s journey. The first concrete evidence of gambling came from ancient China that dates to 2,300 BC. Tiles were unraveled where they somehow represent a type of lottery that bettors used during those periods.

The Chinese ‘Book of Songs’ also mentioned the ‘drawing of the wood’ signifying a chance game. Some artifacts from China are keno slips used in 200 BC to fund government constructions, including the Great Wall of China. Keno today is now a digital form of gambling where you can choose up to 20 combinations of numbers and win every time one of them appears on the screen.

Greek and Roman Fondness

World history is not complete if you miss the Greeks and Romans. One of their favorite pastimes is playing dice, and evidence shows that this game of chance has existed since 500 BC. While Sophocles came that the gameplay started in Greece after Troy’s fall, another evidence in Egypt showed that they played dice since 3000 BC.

On the other hand, gambling is prohibited in Rome as they see it as a sinful activity. Due to the penalties imposed by the state, they needed to improvise by using chips. With this, they can claim that their bets are worthless since it does not involve real money.

Asian’s Playing Cards

In the 9th century, the Chinese began using playing cards to bet, and they also used it as a prize. It is their way of trading goods to others. The Koreans also have their version of playing cards that are made of paper and silk.

These gameplays became an inspiration to Americans and Europeans, which became the inspiration for modern poker and blackjack. While it did originate in the East, it’s the West who standardized its rules.

The Gambling Houses

Casinos began to spread in Italy in the 17th century. They are commonly tied with carnivals, and this industry kept growing until the 19th century. In the USA, informal gambling houses also became popular. At that time, steamboats from Mississippi became the venue for farmers and traders to gamble.

Virtual Casinos

This concept began in 1994 with the bright idea coming from Microgaming. It is one of the world’s renowned casino and slot game developers. PlayTech hosted the first-ever live dealer casino in 2003, and since then, this gameplay is a top hit to bettors worldwide. Today, online casinos are a multibillion-dollar platform.

Mobile Gambling

Now that more people spend their time playing mobile devices, the industry also adapted to this behavioral change. Who would have thought that the simple tiles from 2,300 BC will become a mobile game in different forms? With the growing number of online users and players, the online gambling industry has a long way to go.

The Biggest Wins and Losses

Gambling is also a favorite luxurious activity for celebrities. Apart from the casinos being their home to socialize, it is easy for them to double their betting amount if it is their lucky night. However, gambling does not know celebrities, and the risk is equal to all players. That is why not all of them have the luckiest stars in gambling.

Ben Affleck lost around $400,000 in 2001 in poker, and he was also banned in a La Vegas casino because he was caught counting cards in a blackjack game. Another famous individual in the name of Charles Barkley lost $20 million throughout his casino addiction. He was an NBA star, but in gambling, his reputation is quite unfortunate.

Ashton Kutcher, an American actor, has a more positive narrative in gambling as he generated at least $750,000 on sports betting. The star in Saving Private Ryan, Matt Damon, prepared for his movie The Rounders by playing poker in casinos. Since then, he got attached to the game and won at least $25,000 a night.

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