Setting Up Online Casinos & What EthRoll Is Doing to Make it Easy

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Online casinos are an amazingly profitable business model that is perfect for business-minded individuals regardless of their industry experience. The online gambling industry is among the leading business models that offer maximum profits quickly. What makes it even more inviting is that the casual user and gambler can also choose to set up their own online casino and earn money through something they are passionate about.

Nowadays, there is a new surge of interest in combining the online gambling industry with the up and rising cryptocurrency market. As it stands, cryptocurrency is a 237.1 billion dollar industry, while the gambling industry is worth 58 billion dollars. And, this is only set to double in the coming years. This means that there is great potential for you to reap amazing profits from this stable, growing, and near risk-free industry.

As casinos all over the globe are being forced to close their doors because of the worldwide pandemic, the online gambling industry is booming. This means that it is time for you to consider setting up an online casino of your own and establish yourself in the industry before the bigger players come. And, among the best places to start making your online casino is through EthRoll and its cryptocurrency and online gambling platform.

What Is EthRoll?

EthRoll is a cryptocurrency and online gambling platform that is unlike any other platform out there. It is a hybrid platform that effectively combines gaming and entrepreneurship to help its users maximize the profits they can earn from these markets. It provides its users with two revenue models where one allows you to become a shareholder while the other lets you be the casino owner.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an Online Casino?

As it stands, several white-label casino platforms on the internet offer their services to people who want to make their own online casino. However, there are multiple problems that are yet to be solved by these institutions despite how prevalent these issues are throughout the industry.

But what online casino owners find most problematic about it all are the numerous costs put on their shoulders if they want to continue operating. Usually, these platforms require an average of $15,000 per month and another 20% cut from all the monthly profits that the casino sees.

This is exactly what EthRoll focuses on solving. Starting your online casino on their platform is not only cheap, but you wouldn’t need to pay a monthly fee either. It only requires that you pay 10 ETH (Ethereum) as a one-time payment to use their platform for as long as you want. And, as an additional perk, it only asks for 10% of your profits as compensation for all the benefits they bring to your online casino business.

Moreover, EthRoll is going out of its way to solve the previously mentioned problems that are plaguing the online casino industry today.

What Makes Setting Up an Online Casino Difficult?

There are a few problems that the online casino industry is currently facing. These are endless regulations, high expenses, complicated operations, and transparency.

Regulations. Making a new online casino and hosting it on an online platform will require endless paper works, audits, licenses, and several red tapes before you can set up your online casino. This alone will take a significant amount of time. Furthermore, numerous issues about unreliable agents have been making setting up a casino more costly.

Expensive. The biggest expense that you will have to settle is the software-related expense as well as hosting costs. And, since there are only a few software providers nowadays, the prices are driven up significantly. Also, these providers usually take a huge percentage of your earnings as an additional fee.

Complicated. It might look easy to operate these online casinos, but there are different factors that potential owners have to consider as they start. Among these are a well-developed platform, full-time professional help, correct legal structure, and a stable payment solution. However, most of the time, the current platforms are lacking in one of these or another.

Transparency. This is something that the users consider as the most important factor when choosing where to gamble online. However, there is usually no way for users to verify the draws’ outcomes and thus make it easy to get tricked, which has led to significant distrust in the industry.

What is EthRoll Doing to Solve these problems?

EthRoll recognizes the presence of these issues, and it is more than well equipped to solve them. Through its efforts, it is now more than easy to set up your own online casino and establish a foothold in the industry. Here are a few things that they have set out to do to help you enter the industry.

Regulations. If you build your online casino through EthRoll’s platform, you are automatically covered by their gaming license, effectively saving you a significant amount of time and money. The license covers all the sub-casinos created on the platform without unnecessary paperwork.

Inexpensive. EthRoll’s goal is to provide an affordable casino building platform for the potential owner. They provide a low barrier for entry without any compromise in the platform’s quality. And, with their goal to stop price gouging, you can rest assured that they will stay inexpensive even in the coming years.

Uncomplicated. The EthRoll platform is very user and beginner-friendly. EthRoll hosts a drag and drop casino building system that makes development very easy, making it easy and simple.

Transparent. EthRoll gives the users the ability to check the draws’ reliability and integrity and confirm that the outcome was generated fairly. This makes everything transparent and will be great for cementing your customers’ loyalty and making your brand trusted.

Economies of Scale. Another great feature that EthRoll added. This will help you grow your business without any additional costs. With the running costs staying constant, your profits will steadily increase over time and direct your earnings towards expanding your business.

If you really want to start an online casino business of your own, there is no easier way to do so than with EthRoll. Start your online casino journey and begin earning profits from both sides of the spectrum today by visiting the website at

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